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So, you have decided to go with a wedding DJ for your reception entertainment. Keep in mind that your wedding guests will remember the entertainment more than anything else they experience on your wedding day. This means you really want to get this choice right. One thing you need to know right off the bat is that there are a wide variety of DJs out there, even in the Los Angeles area. There are some really professional and high quality wedding DJs that are roaming around the area and we want to help you find one of those. It is possible, believe us. Here are some tips to help you find the DJ that will have your reception hopping from start to finish.

Ask the people in your inner circle if they have ever experienced a DJ that just absolutely blew them away. Start making a list of potential DJs for your wedding. You will want to make sure and meet with each one in person to get a sense of who they are and what they can do for your reception. At your meetings, the first thing you want to get a sense of is whether they seem like they will be attentive to your needs and what you want. Some DJs can be really full of themselves and they are in the business because they love to hear themselves talk. You need to access the personality of each potential DJ. How open are they to your suggestions? If there are certain songs that you absolutely do not want to hear at your reception, you should be able to say so and they should honor that request. The same goes for playing certain songs that you definitely want to hear, this should be no problem.

Now, this is very important. You will want to go over the playlist in detail with each potential DJ that you meet with. We suggest that you make a list of events or activities where you want music played and then discuss specific songs from there. For example, during your ceremony you might want to have different music played for the following: prelude music, music when mothers come in, music for bridesmaids, music for bride, music for exiting. Then, during the reception you might have a very different list: cocktail music, entrance song, first dance music, dinner music, cake cutting music, bouquet toss music, and dancing music.

Ask the candidate if they are willing to take requests. If this is something that is a deal breaker for you, you need to pay attention to the answer. And a word to the wise here. Make sure your DJ knows what to do if someone were to request a song that is on your do not play list. They should handle that the way you want it handled. Again, this all comes back to the fact that you are the client and you are paying good money for services. You should get what you want within reason.

Have a talk with them about their experience. This is key. You want to stay away from hiring a newbie for your wedding. It takes a lot of time and trial and error to become a really good wedding DJ. You are juggling a lot of balls in the air potentially and the ability to handle that gracefully comes with time. So, look for someone who has done a number of weddings and who does this full-time. Ask them to show you a DVD of a couple of past weddings they have done. How do they handle the crowd? What do they do in order to get guests involved. Ask about certification and who it came from. How did they receive their training? Talk about your reception venue and ask if they have ever worked it before. If they have, that means they will be familiar with set up and pitfalls of your location. If they have not, ask them if they would mind doing a site walk-through should they be hired. This should be something they will want to do if they are a true professional. What happens if there is an emergency and they can't make it to your wedding? What is the backup plan? Last but not least, ask them if why you should choose them to be your wedding DJ. This can provide you with some real insight. After all of these questions and your interaction, one candidate should emerge. As long as their price is right, get a contract from them and start working on the details with your newly hired wedding DJ.

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