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We realize that planning a wedding is not something you do every day. But while you are making your plans, one thing we can guarantee you is that a live band will bring a lot of excitement to your wedding ceremony. The Los Angeles area is a great place to be when looking for a quality wedding band. You will want to think of your wedding guests and what you think their overall taste in music is. Then, you will want to follow the steps we have provided below to find the perfect live band.

Determine what your budget will be for this portion of your wedding. The cost of a live band can really vary. When you consider the number of musicians, travel, time onstage, and equipment costs, you can pay anything from $2000 up to $35,000. For those bands that you consider, talk about package deals. These packages will save you some money and they include benefits that you may not have even thought about . If you want the band to be an emcee for the various events and activities at your reception, make sure you find out now if that is a role that they will play.

Ask yourself what style do you think most of your guests will enjoy. We recommend that you do not hire a band that only plays one type of music. For example, they play 90s music or grunge or soft rock only. Make sure the bands you are considering can play a wide variety of music. This will appeal to you as well as Grandma and Grandpa. Are they willing to take requests? Talk about the playlist and what kind of say they will allow you to have. You should be able to eliminate any tunes that you really hate and you should be able to add any that are special to you.

One thing you need to know is the bigger the band, the more they will cost. If your budget is an issue, try to keep the band to a reasonable size because if you keep adding pieces, you may find yourself priced right out of the market. It may help you to know that a six piece band can create the same sound as a professional recording. Another great cost saving tip is to make sure you book a local band. If they have to travel a lot, it will cost quite a bit more. Talk about how long the band will need to play. Bands are used to playing four hours with three breaks. Find out if they will have recorded music ready to be playing while they are on each break. How much will overtime be?

If you have songs that you would like the band to play, keep in mind that they will probably have to learn them and this may cost extra. If this isn't a consideration and you are willing to go with something they have on a playlist, then make sure that you go over this with each candidate so you know what is possible and what is not. The more issues you get out in the open now, the better informed you will be as to which potential candidate you are interested in booking.

One thing you may not know about is that certain venues are only licensed to allow bands of a set number of musicians or less. You need to find out what this is from your venue before you hire your wedding band. For example if your venue is licensed to only allow bands of 5 musicians or less, this is something you will need to know before you hire your band.

If you have determined a budget for your wedding band, we recommend that you give yourself a range with a maximum. Once you have interviewed all of the bands you are interested in, make sure you try to listen to the two or three that you are the most interested in. If you can't go and see them live, ask them to provide a DVD. This should help you zero in on one specific preference. Find out what their price is and if it is over your budget by just a bit, ask them if they can meet your number. We believe in the mantra of nothing ventured, nothing gained. If they say yes, then book them on the spot. Read the contract over very carefully, if you are alright with all of the fine print, sign it and get a copy. Now it is time to get excited because you have a professional live band coming to your wedding reception.

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