Duarte Bars & Restaurants

Wild Thyme Pizza

1740 Huntington Dr Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 531-7500
Wily Thyme Pizza is the destination for Italian food in the area! The food here is made by a passionate couple who also owns the business. They have a great variety of food to enjoy such as lasagna, garlic wings, pasta, ravioli, sandwiches, salads, and more. The delivery is always fast here, so there's no worry about getting your food in time. We love that they have all different kinds of sauces such as pesto, white, marinara, and barbeque options.

Tacos Ensenada

2171 E Huntington Dr Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 359-4959
Tacos Ensenada is a Mexican restaurant with a lot to offer! Taco Tuesdays boast 99 cent fish tacos, and there are also great options of carne asada tacos. The ceviche tostada is one of the favorited items here, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu here...it's just that good. Other menu highlights include the carnitas taco, burrito mixto, as well as their delicious margaritas. Some locals even boast that they're the best tacos they've ever had!

Baklava Land Bakery & Cafe

1231 Huntington Dr Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 303-1796
Baklava Land is a bakery that specializes in middle eastern pastries. There are all types of assorted baklavas for you to enjoy here, as well cakes and fruit tarts. Plus, where else can you get a pound of baklava for $10? The pleasant staff are glad to assist you in finding what you need and handing out samples the entire time. This is a good choice if you're looking to get a cake made for a special occasion. Come try it out and see what the hype is about!

Chicky BBQ & Grill

1206 Huntington Dr Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 357-1500
Chicky BBQ offers an Indonesian cuisine destination in Duarte! Here, there are tons of unique menu items. After all, where else are you going to find a durian smoothie? Some of the other menu highlights include the Nasi Padang, Sate Kambing, Chicken Satay, Nasi Bungkus, Beef Randang, Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng, and the Ayamm Kremesam. You'll definitely want to wash it all down with some of the deliciously sweetened Thai Iced Tea that comes in a tall glass.

The Patio Mediterranean Cuisine

2150 Huntington Dr Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 531-6884
The Patio offers a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy Mediterranean food in Duarte. The servers are always knowledgeable and attentive, while the food is freshly cooked to order each and every time. The healthy options make it perfect for those who need a lighter meal than the regular fast food establishment. They have great vegetarian plates for those who want to enjoy a good variation while avoiding meat. Be sure to try out one of their combo plates!

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