Del Valle Bars & Restaurants

Sushi Story

28050 Hasley Canyon Rd Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 257-6661
Sushi Story is the premiere spot for rolled rice treats near Del Valle. The sushi bar here is always entertaining to sit at, as you can watch the chefs create their masterpieces in live action. There's all different kinds of nigiri, sashimi, and specialty roll options available for you to peruse here. The locals seem to enjoy the Baked Salmon Rolls, Crunch Rolls, and Caterpillar Rolls, but you can be certain that anything you order here will be at the tip-top of freshness. It's always a good time here.

Las Delicias

29483 The Old Rd Castaic, CA 91355
(661) 295-6992
Las Delicias is really delicious! You're going to want to make a trip out here the next time you're looking for some Mexican food with fresh ingredients. Here, you'll enjoy options such as Carne Asada Burritos, Fish and Shrimp Tacos, Cheese Enchiladas with red sauce, Wet Burritos with green and red sauce, as well as some great street style tacos. You aren't going to have to spend a ton of money eating here, either, as the prices are always set to be what are you waiting for?


28788 The Old Rd Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 775-0400
If you've been to one Subway, you've been to them all, right? Not with this local Subway franchise near Del Valle! Here, you'll be greeted with a friendly smile every time you walk through the door. We love that they have a menu that's constantly changing, as you'll get to enjoy new variations or choose to stick to your favorite custom sandwiches. Subway is offering more than that though, as they also have fresh baked goods, pizza, flatbreads, and salad options for you to choose from.

Pizza Hut

29607 The Old Road Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 257-4298
One thing we love about Pizza Hut is the fact that they're always offering new menu items for you to try, whether it's something savory or sweet. We can't get enough of the customer service and delicious food available at this location. Here, you're always treated as a valued customer, and it shows by the freshness of the food and the friendliness of the staff. If you're looking for a pizza that's affordable and delicious, look no further than this Pizza Hut location.

Ameci Pizza & Pasta

27305 Live Oak Rd Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 257-3855
Ameci Pizza & Pasta is a family owned pizza establishment with prompt delivery and consistently great customer service. They even have a three dollar 6 inch sub special, and if you know anything about the national sandwich chain, you know that's a steal. You'll find that they're always willing to go that extra step here for you. They're even known to honor special requests, so don't be shy! The regular customers rant and rave about the freshness of the topping available here.


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