Carson Bars & Restaurants

El Taco Charro

940 E Dominguez St, Carson, CA 90746
(310) 538-4096
El Taco Charro is a top recommendation for a Mexican meal when you are out with L.A. Limos in Carson. It's one of the cheapest places that you can choose to eat, very good for our budget-conscious limousine customers, and yet the food is always super delicious and served in generous portions too! The burrito plate is a go-to item of ours and we love the carne asada fries. The whipped drinks are a major highlight here, featuring a piƱa colada and an orange bang that you just won't be able to get enough of! This is a new location, so if you haven't been out here in a while, do check it out! No full bar, but a good beer and wine selection.

Buffalo Wild Wings

736 Del Amo Blvd, Carson, CA 90746
(310) 436-7793
Buffalo Wild Wings is always a smart choice for our L.A. Limos customers, no matter what area they're in! When you're in and around Carson, we'll always send you to this location. As with all of their establishments, this one is spacious, well kept, sparkling clean, and loaded up with plenty of televisions for your sports watching needs. It's especially fun to watch the UFC fights here, and if you're a juke box junkie like us, you'll just adore that Internet-connected machine that serves up all the hits! Video games, trivia nights, a very generously sized bar with delicious specialty drinks... and it's not just about the wings here, they have a full menu!

Overtime Bar & Grill

18413 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746
(310) 324-2191
CLOSED -- Overtime Bar & Grill is an easily overlooked neighborhood sports bar out here in the Carson area. It's tucked away in a local plaza, so easy to look right past it, but we suggest that you give it a try because it's really an inviting and pleasant place to spend an evening with your L.A. Limos group. The drinks are very smartly priced here and they've really got a nice selection of beer for you to enjoy. If you're seeking a nice after-work spot to watch the game, this is a great one, and if you're looking to party it up with your whole L.A. Limos group while you watch that big game, then even better! Tons of televisions here. Great happy hour prices!

Tony Roma's

20720 S Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746
(310) 329-5723
Tony Roma's has always got your back when it comes to a great meal of steak or seafood. The steakhouse vibe is just perfect, and despite being a chain, they really deliver a friendly and fun experience, making you feel like you are somebody special and not just a number. It's super clean and tidy here, and we just love the cozy ambiance. We'd highly recommend any of the steak or seafood dishes, and a nice slab of ribs never hurt anybody! Theirs are particularly delish and just fall-off-the-bone good. They have a very good sized bar area that should be more than adequate for your larger L.A. Limos groups. What a gem for our Carson area customers.

PJ's Grill Homestyle Burgers & Dogs

675 E University Dr, Carson, CA 90746
(310) 851-4977
PJ's Grill is always a fun place to enjoy a yummy meal when you're out and about with L.A. Limos in Carson. They are of course known for their burgers and hot dogs, but they actually have a nice selection for the vegetarian crowd too, so there's truly something here for everybody. The vintage soda bar is very good, just grab yourself a cup of ice and pour over for some ice cold bubbly goodness. The turkey burgers are a must-have as far as we're concerned, and we can't recommend their cheeseburgers with onion jam and bacon any more highly than we do! The vegetarian and vegan options are enticing but we haven't tried any yet!

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