Big Pines Bars & Restaurants

BullWheel Bar & Grill

24510 Hwy 2, Wrightwood, CA 92397
BullWheel Bar & Grill has always been one of our favorite stops in the Big Pines area and now we're so happy to recommend it to our L.A. Limos customers in this area. This cozy little bar with delicious bar fare is so close to the slopes, just ideally located for your big trips in this area. The fact that they have a nice patio with a pool table is a major perk as far as we're concerned, a nice spot to play a few games and have some fun with your good friends. The chicken is always great here and comes very highly recommended. The prices are good and low and there's more than enough room for even your biggest L.A. Limos groups!

The Yodeler

6046 Park Dr, Wrightwood, CA 92397
(760) 249-6482
The Yodeler is a restaurant and local dive bar that all of our L.A. Limos customers in the Big Pines area really seem to appreciate. It's a little bit pricier than the previous mention but still firmly in the affordable range. The wings and pulled pork sliders are just awesome, and we're quite hooked on their deep fried pickles and their jalapeno poppers as well! The pizza bread is delish and we love their pretzel buns. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are the most lively times to stop in and enjoy a night on the town. TVs for sports and outdoor seating too! They deliver the good-time experience that you're after, night after night!

Mt Baldy Lodge

6777 Mt Baldy Rd, Mount Baldy, CA 91759
(909) 982-1115
Mt Baldy Lodge is a great one if you're seeking a more traditional American pub atmosphere. Our L.A. Limos customers have really enjoyed the rustic dining area as well as the dive bar side with the pool tables. It's nice to sit and have a special and memorable meal with your good friends for whatever occasion you're celebrating, then move over to the bar side for a cold beer or a cocktail or two, plus shooting some pool which is a great way to get a little competitive and keep the conversation flowing. They've got nice outdoor seating here as well, so if you would rather be out in the open air, you are more than welcome. Very nice!

Crystal Lake Snack Bar & Store

1 Crystal Lake Rd, Azusa, CA 91790
(626) 910-1029
Crystal Lake Snack Bar & Store has been a favorite of our L.A. Limos customers for years! It's quick stop for just about anything that you need when you're out and about in the Big Pines area. Though it's labeled as just a snack bar according to the title, they have pretty damn good food here! We're talking about yummy burritos and sandwiches, including our favorite, the chicken wrap with aioli. Absolutely delicious, and good and filling too, to keep you fueled up for the long road ahead! If you've got a bit of a sweet tooth and are craving something sugary, their homemade banana bread and brownies are just out of this world!

Pizza Factory

3936 Phelan Road, Phelan, CA 92329
(760) 868-6543
Pizza Factory might be the last one on our list of recommendations for L.A. Limos customers in Big Pines, but it just may be our top pick! We love the fact that it's so affordable here and that everyone can get their fill of the most delicious pizza in town. Their famous twisted stix are a major favorite of ours, and we just can't get enough of their super fresh salad bar that is just fully loaded with everything you could ever imagine. There's not a full bar here but they do have a pretty respectable selection of beer and wine. There are televisions for the sports watchers and they offer free wi-fi too, so you can stay connected to your world.


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