Bell Bars & Restaurants

Corazon y Miel

6626 Atlantic Ave, Bell, CA 90201
(323) 560-1776
Corazon y Miel of course means "heart and honey," and we can't think of a more beautiful name for a restaurant like this one. This Latin American restaurant has charmed the hearts and souls of all the Bell area L.A. Limos customers, and we know that you'll soon be included in that group. Their house margarita is known as the votiva margarita, and boy do we ever recommend it! Talk about mouth watering refreshment with a good strong buzz. And did we mention that it's served in a Mexican candle glass? How cool is that? The pan con commope is a top recommendation of ours, and we can't say enough good things about their sopes! Mmm!

Restaurant Mole de Los Reyes

6242 Maywood Ave, Bell, CA 90201
(323) 588-5536
Restaurant Mole de Los Reyes has made a big impression on our L.A. Limos customers in the Bell area. We're talking about some of the most mouth watering Mexican food that you have ever laid tastebuds on. They have horchata with pumpkin seeds that will really blow your mind, and how about that cafe de olla? Mmm! Now, we have to note that this is one of the smaller places on our list and not really recommended for dine-in with large L.A. Limos groups. But why not stop in and pick up some goodies to go? There's nothing better to enjoy when on-the-go. So many items are portable, like burritos and tacos! And the larger messier dishes are worth a separate trip!

Tacos el Gavilan

4406 Florence Ave, Bell, CA 90201
(323) 771-1722
Another superb Mexican recommendation out here in the Bell area for our L.A. Limos customers? You bet! This one is more in the "fast food" category, but that also puts it in the lower priced category, and we're really impressed with everything that they offer here. The salsa bar is a major hit with everybody, including delicious salsas (of course), chopped onions, pinto beans, and other goodies to load up your dish with. The mulita de carne asada is a top recommendation of ours, and we're so in love with their burritos too! To drink, you can't go wrong with a yummy horchata or a piƱa colada! The tamarindo wacala is pretty good too! Such good stuff here!

La Casita Mexicana

4030 Gage Ave, Bell, CA 90201
(323) 773-1898
One last Mexican recommendation for the road! After all, the Bell part of L.A. Limos' service area is known for its fantastic Mexican restaurants, so can you blame us? This is one of the cozier and homier Mexican restaurants around here, and they offer some dishes that you simply won't find elsewhere, such as the cochinita pibil and the chile en nogada! The mole is just out of this world, and you can even buy their mole at the small shop next door, just in case you'd like to take some of that chocolatey goodness home with you! The agua fresca is a must-have, loaded with delicious freshly squeezed lemon juice and super-good-for-you chia seeds! We're obsessed!

Canton Restaurant

4368 Gage Ave, Bell, CA 90201
(323) 560-4067
We'll round out this long list of delicious Mexican recommendations with a fantastic Chinese restaurant! The dessert of this list, so to speak! They have a lot of tantalizing Asian dishes here that you will not find elsewhere, including some Peruvian seafood dishes that will just have you swooning at the flavor, and the simple things like the shrimp fried rice will just knock your socks off. The fact that they offer a full bar so that you can enjoy your favorite icy cool cocktails is just the icing on the cake right here. The only thing that could make it better would be if they had outdoor seating! Unfortunately, they don't, but they do have TVs for sports! Nice!


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